TeachMeets FTW

Camel in waiting at TeachMeet at BETT 2010

Originally uploaded by Mr Ush

TeachMeets are great. If you’ve not been to one the idea is that a load of teachery types get together, usually on one evening, and do mini-presentations (limited to either micro [7 minutes] or nano [2 minutes] format) about classroom practice, pedagogy, ideas, etc.

It’s very informal, very good fun and (in my experience) simply the best CPD you can get. Almost all of my good ideas were blatantly nicked from others at a TeachMeet and as someone said in a TES forum post the other day, “Best CPD I get is by visiting other teachers and discussing anything they do”.

Most amazingly of all, there are 27 TeachMeets scheduled to run in the UK between now and the end of June. That’s 27 CPD events, attended by some of the BEST teachers I have had the pleasure to meet and they’re all free.

You can find out more about them and sign yourselves up to one at the TeachMeet wiki and there really is no excuse not to attend. If there isn’t one close enough, set one up!


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