Life as a Head of Department

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Our Y11 cohort are running through 4 possible IT options.

GCSE Computing students have completed one controlled assessment, have one more to do and a summative exam in June.

Our GCSE ICT students have completed one controlled assessment and one exam. They are likely to resit the exam in January as results were poor, have another controlled assessment to do and a summative exam in June.

iMedia students have completed Unit 1, Unit 6 and Unit 7, which is worth a single award, and need to get those submitted for external moderation ASAP. This year they need to get Unit 3 and Unit 5 done by Easter and get those moderated as well.

OCR Nationals students have finished Unit 1, a thick unit and a thin unit – enough for a First Award (worth 1 GCSE). They need to finish one more thick unit for an Award (worth 2 GCSEs) and one more thin unit on top of that for a First Certificate (worth 3 GCSEs).

In Y10 though, there are only 3 options.

The GCSE ICT students are just starting their first controlled assessment, with one exam in June.

The OCR Nationals students are aiming to complete Unit 1, a thick and a thin by the end of the year.

Those choosing the new Creative iMedia are simultaneously working towards Units 203 and 214v with one member of staff and 204 and 212 with another. Due by the end of the year, they will then have to try and complete 201 and 202 to achieve the double award with the option of picking more units up for a triple award.

Then we get on to the AS Applied ICT, A2 Applied ICT, AS Computing and KS3…

In regard to administration of qualifications I was asked today “Is it actually complicated or does it just seem that way?”. I’d have to go for the former.

No wonder I haven’t been blogging much of late!


One thought on “Life as a Head of Department

  1. ooh sounds familiar – Dont forget your Department Intervention Plan or whatever you call your plan for this year, assessment and analysis of last year’s results and any staffing issues in your department. Oh and soon to come, open evenings with dark mornings and nights. Bring it on

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