Remember, remember the 30th of November

The National Audit Office calculates that teachers’ pensions are both sustainable and self-funding. The Chancellor has publicly stated he wants £2.8 billion from public sector workers to plug the budget deficit. He plans to do this by cutting my final pension by a third and by making me pay an extra 60% extra every month until I retire. He also wants your kids to be taught by knackered, 68 year old teachers.

When Robert Maxwell robbed his employees pension funds he was vilified. Now Cameron and Osborne want to do the same.

Whether you agree or not is your decision, but I wanted you to know why I won’t be at work a fortnight today.


2 thoughts on “Remember, remember the 30th of November

  1. gq52 says:

    Very true Mark, and as an old un with 3 and a bit to go I too will be out , mainly in support of younger ones like your good self. Pity some of my younger colleagues need a big shaking to realise how important it is for them.

  2. Nice to see the EIS finally waking up and deciding to support its members after pretty much losing a good percentage by caving in to the Scottish government last year. Wasters. I told them to shove their membership and moved to the SSTA.

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