OCR Nationals and Creative iMedia in light of the Wolf report

I had a letter today stating that OCR Nationals was being rejigged to include 25% terminal, external assessment, there will be a new Distinction* grade and students will be entered for both L1 + L2 with the final grade and level being decided at the end of the course (presumably L2 D* equating to A*, L2 P equating to C, L1 D* equating to D and L1 P equating to G).

Although the form of the assessment wasn’t clear (I’m hoping for a practical test) and the issues over single, dual, triple award status is not resolved this at least gives me the confidence to make decisions about what options to offer.

The Creative iMedia team, on the other hand, have said nothing and have ignored email requests for information. With time for a decision fast running out I have a horrible feeling that offering what has been a fantastically fun and engaging course is going to be untenable.

Anyone have any input they could share?

3 thoughts on “OCR Nationals and Creative iMedia in light of the Wolf report

  1. Mark, I likewise had emailed and rung several times, I likewise had heard nothing re iMedia and also feared the worst for a course I least want to lose from the choices I am offering students. But today at 3pm I finally got a call from this bloke in their office being all apologetic. He said they are trying their best to get it on “the list” for January because (and I quote him): “if not then the qualification will not be sustainable”. This in itself I found surprising as I thought there were more vocational college entrants rather than schools taking it but apparently not.

    He went on to say he could not offer much more because there was not a lot to say but official notification of what I am telling you here will be sent to you next week. When I expressed concern as to their lack of urgency compared to other quals, he then started asking me what they were doing. He didnt even seem to realise what OCR Nats had done so far re this. And when I told him that Edexcel had a draft spec already out for BTEC he was shocked.

    So, to be honest, I am kind of happy with what he told me because at least I now know they are trying to get on the list so I can plan on that basis and if not then I will deal with that after Jan. As I said before, this is the least of the quals I want to lose. I want my students to choose from this option, GCSE Computing and a BTEC ICT. Without iMedia there seems a hole that is hard to fill in this important specialist area.

  2. Bernadette says:

    iMedia is an area that we really can’t lose, as you say Nick it is a very important specialist area and there doesn’t seem to be anything else out there that stands up alongside it covering similar areas. Uptake at Level 2 and 3 in our school has increased and I felt the move to the new Creative iMedia spec was highly positive. As a teacher I enjoy teaching iMedia a lot more than OCR Nationals and the students are certainly enjoying it as well but most importantly they are achieving something with it. Kids who wouldn’t necessarily achieve a lot elsewhere but they are thriving with this subject and I would be very sad to see it go.

    • You are so right Bernadette. In fact I will pass on these comments to the iMedia people. An alternative we will follow in our school should iMedia go is to offer the BTEC with the optional units all focus on the iMedia topics such as animation etc cos if you look they are clearly nicked from the iMedia course. This “nicking” from one spec to another is common practice and here is a clear example of it. But back to the my suggestion, the BTEC offers the only comparable alternative for this graphical route in the IT stream.

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