Computing Posters

With 6th Form recruitment and Year 9 options seasons looming large on the horizon, the time seemed right to step up my advertising campaign. With that in mind I’ve spent part of the day putting 10 posters together. Simple, plain and hopefully intriguing, each one uses a quote from along with an appropriate image from StockXchng.

Opinions and suggestions would be most welcome – and you can see all 10 here.

The posters at the minute have the school logo on, but if people think they’re any good, and once I fix any little errors or issues (I’m not happy with the BlueJ logo text) I’ll happily remove the badge and release under a CC license.


2 thoughts on “Computing Posters

  1. Dai says:

    Hi Mark

    These are great. I would use all but #9 if you release under cc. Thanks for sharing them. Please post a reply comment if you publish them so I will get pinged when they’re ready? Muchos gracias.

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