Mr Clarkson Talks About Computers…

Jr Network Geek…

Originally uploaded by Cassey <– Useful AS Computing resources

I have 3 (count them, three) AS Computing students. Due to timetabling constraints I teach them for 1 hour a week during school hours and 2 hours a week after school.

Due to other commitments, one student misses every other 1 hour session and a different student misses virtually all of the 2 hour sessions (so he’s essentially doing a full AS on one hour a week).

In order to provide some more assistance I’ve started creating some simple videos. Production value is nil (a cheap camcorder, a tripod and a mini whiteboard), editing is limited to adding a few titles at either end and the script is made up as I go along.

Hopefully they might be of some use to others too, and if you do spot any glaring errors, then do let me know…


One thought on “Mr Clarkson Talks About Computers…

  1. My AS class when I was at school had 7 pupils in if I recall, including me. Mind you, when I was at school the *only* Computing course they offered was the AS. No GCSE, no A-level. It was back around 1990, which makes it even more bizarre just to give what was – at the time – half a course rather than committing to a 2-year one. From what I recall back then AS courses were pretty new.

    Still, our teacher was an utter geek and I managed a B in one year despite doing it alongside three other A-levels. And now look at me – I’m teaching it!

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