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Abandoned cinema 1962

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At school we have a licence that allows us to show any film to students for no charge.

Thinking about extra-curricular activities, it would be great if kids understood what it was like to have to use dialup to connect to another computer (War Games), or how people viewed the internal workings of a computer (Tron).

I’m thinking about having a monthly #ictfilm screening and encouraging students to come along, bring some popcorn and gain a bit of ICT insight.

Throwing suggestions open to Twitter I got the following suggestions (in no particular order).

War Games
Short Circuit
The Matrix
Johnny Mnemonic
The Social Network
The Pirates of Silicon Valley
Terminator 2
I, Robot
War Games 2
Minority Report
Silent Running
Weird Science
Total Recall
Fifth Element
Source Code
The Last Starfighter
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
The Net

I’ve not seen all of those, and I’d have to check certificates (is there a way I can exempt the certificate with parental permission as it’s for education purposes, I wonder?).

Any other ideas?


4 thoughts on “ICT Films

  1. Second Skin is a documentary that “looks at computer gamers whose lives have been transformed by the emerging, hugely popular genre of computer games” – World of Warcraft and EverQuest especially. While some of it is dated (for instance, WoW is quite different nowadays than it was in 2004), the documentary is still relevant when considering the impact of virtual worlds on individual lives.


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