Mr Clarkson Talks About Computers…

Jr Network Geek…

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I have 3 (count them, three) AS Computing students. Due to timetabling constraints I teach them for 1 hour a week during school hours and 2 hours a week after school.

Due to other commitments, one student misses every other 1 hour session and a different student misses virtually all of the 2 hour sessions (so he’s essentially doing a full AS on one hour a week).

In order to provide some more assistance I’ve started creating some simple videos. Production value is nil (a cheap camcorder, a tripod and a mini whiteboard), editing is limited to adding a few titles at either end and the script is made up as I go along.

Hopefully they might be of some use to others too, and if you do spot any glaring errors, then do let me know…

Getting back into the swing

For the first summer since becoming a teacher I managed to really relax. While that’s marvellous, I’ve done the teacher equivalent of ‘forgetting how to write’ over the summer and have forgotten where I was with APP, what tweaks to the KS3 SoW were planned, how to blog, even my attendance at ETRU and my use of Twitter are taking a while to get back up to race pace.

I have had a PD, a working school day and a Year 12 ICT lesson. And we have the biggest cohort of AS ICT ever in the school (2 more than we have computers in one of the ICT suites) plus a reincarnated A-Level Computing class (following a 12 month hiatus due to a lack of willing students). So it’s looking good and I’m enthusiastic about the next 11 months!