Every Day Is A School Day

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I decided this morning to write down all of the CPD things I’ve done in the last few years. This was in part due to me seeing a load of job applications recently and remembering that you get asked that a lot on application forms, and partly I wondered just what I’ve done.

It turns out I’ve done 4 things every year since 2009. It’s a mixture of exam board courses (rare), presenting at conferences (at least one a year) and TeachMeets (often 2 a year).

As someone said to me recently, ‘Every Day Is A School Day’. A much better way of saying ‘You Learn Something Every Day’. By going out of my way to sign up for conferences, by attending TeachMeets, and by going out of my way to talk to teachers (be it the TES, Twitter, Facebook, even a wander down to the staffroom every now and again…) I do my best to make sure I’m learning stuff that’s *useful*.

And I’ve got 3 CPD events going on in just the next 3 weeks. Time to get my brain working… 😀