Half Term

This has been a very long week for a number of reasons (few of them good but none of themĀ disastrousĀ – just stressful and time consuming).

On the plus side I am apparently a ‘good’ teacher with elements of ‘outstanding’, which is nice.

It is now half term and I’ll be AFK for a while.

That is all.

The future’s looking bright

the future is here

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Lots of exciting things are going on at the moment and I’m sure I’ll be going into more detail before too long, but they’re making the rest of the academic year look pretty darned exciting to me.

Some are specific to me – my appointment yesterday as Subject Leader for ICT (although the exact title has yet to be confirmed, it certainly covers management of curriculum and staff at KS3 & 4) – some are more generic – the excellent progress being made by the Computing At School group.

Curriculum changes are going well so far this year, GCSE Computing is great fun, the AS Computing cohort is looking good and there are some good opportunities for advancing KS3.

So lots to reflect on, lots to share and I’ll have no shortage of content to post.