About Mark Clarkson

Mark is an ICT teacher in his early thirties, a Head of Department and a Board Member of Computing At School (CAS).

He has been teaching for a few years now and spends large amounts of time trying to convert Windows users to at least TRY to OS X or Linux as well as promoting Computing and continuing to expand his understanding and teaching of video filming editing skills.

He is keen to embrace new and emerging technologies (although he still has fond memories of EGA displays and typing your computer games in from magazines) and is a self confessed (and somewhat proud) computer geek 😀

Mark’s greatest quest has been the search for the mythical beast known as the ‘work-life balance’. Despite many rumours and supposed sightings of this great winged creature, no substantial evidence of its existence has ever been found.

As well as this blog, you can usually find Mark on Twitter (@mwclarkson), posting as HappyHippy on the TES forums or in a darkened room with a terminal window and freeze dried coffee.

You can also have a look at his website (mwclarkson.co.uk) if you want to see some of the things he has been working on of late, or his recent project, Mukoku.

Mark doesn’t always refer to himself in the third person.

New! A number of things you never knew (or never wanted to know) about Mark Clarkson:

  • I have two children (that I know of).
  • They really are called Harry and Hermione (my pupils frequently don’t believe me).
  • I own three cats.
  • Two of them are called Severus and Crookshanks.
  • The other one is called Cinderella.
  • I frequently have to stand outside shouting “Cinderella” in order to get the bloody thing back in the house.
  • I once owned a dog, but never again.
  • I commute on a motorcycle most days (including wet, windy, icy and snowy days).
  • I’ve only had one proper ‘crash’ on my motorcycle, although a number of slow/no speed drops.
  • I once owned a 1968 Triumph 1300FWD (called Ruby).
  • If I ever find Ruby I will buy her back in an instant.
  • Jobs I have done include pizza delivery driver, market researcher, software developer, international hitman, shelf stacker and carwash attendant.
  • I sometimes like to drop huge lies into a conversation to see if the other person can tell.
  • In my life I have had 12 penalty points on my licence – though not all at the same time.
  • I love a good argument, but hate confrontation.
  • I am a passionate reader.
  • I rarely spend less than an hour in the bath – usually with a book.
  • I frequently go up to 6 months without a haircut.
  • Before entering the teaching profession I was almost cripplingly shy.
  • Until 2006 I had never used a Mac.
  • Since 2006 I have used a Mac for 90% of the time.
  • My favourite Linux distro is Ubuntu.
  • Of the 4 people in my house, I am the one with the smallest MP3 player (256MB iRiver).
  • I’m also the only person in my house who has never owned an iPod.
  • I once lived in New Zealand for 6 months.
  • I have always wanted to go back.
  • I have visited 5 continents (only S. America and Antarctica to go!).
  • I still don’t quite get ‘The Game’.
  • I put that in because I have a 6th former cyber-stalker who is obsessed with the bloody game.
  • I am a Browncoat and love most of Joss Whedon’s work (with the exception of Angel).
  • I love a good musical.
  • My favourite computer games are Elite 2, Theme Hospital, Baldur’s Gate, Fallout 3 and ToCA 3.
  • I still own a CRT TV (although it has recently been relegated to the bedroom following a tax rebate).
  • I am a keen amateur photographer.
  • I am not necessarily a GOOD amateur photographer.
  • I love almost all forms of motorsport.
  • I have a habit of getting into arguments on Internet forums.
  • I often cry at films.
  • One of my favourite films is called Copenhagen. It’s about the man who discovered the Uncertainty Principle and you’ve probably never heard of it
  • Three of my favourite comedies are Office Space, Dogma and In Bruges.
  • I think there is something magical about writing with a pen.
  • I still have the teddy bear my big brother gave me on the day I was born.
  • If I don’t get things done straight away, I’ll often not get them done at all.
  • I don’t take offence at being reminded about jobs I might have forgotten. Because I probably have.
  • I am *always* surprised when people take the time to comment on this blog.
  • I’m generally surprised that anyone reads it, let alone comments.
  • My financial aim is to hit flat broke (which would be a significant improvement on my current position).
  • I love going Geocaching with my kids.
  • I love the idea of Bookcrossing but get frustrated by the low hit rate.
  • I once owned a Ford Fiesta so knackered I had to start it with a screwdriver and hold the driver’s door closed when turning left.
  • I love the smell of WD40.
  • I once considered myself proficient at playing the violin and bass guitar.
  • Despite numerous attempts I have never considered myself proficient at playing the harmonica.
  • I have a lazy eye.
  • I once sported a green fringe.
  • I also looked like a pillock.
  • I have never considered my appearance or my actions to be ‘cool’.
  • I frequently talk to myself. Often without realising.
  • I think better when pacing up and down.
  • Re: Number 19, it is odd but I sometimes joy giving assemblies.
  • I am immensely proud of my binary watch
  • I’m particularly proud that it’s proper binary and not Binary Coded Decimal.
  • I’ve always preferred Emacs to Vi.
  • Band of Brothers is quite possibly the most awe inspiring television I have seen.
  • One of my favourite book series is Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files.
  • Another one is Lee Child’s Jack Reacher series.
  • … TBC

2 thoughts on “About Mark Clarkson

  1. @AmandaWilson169 says:

    Theme hospital – ahh must go find out where my hubby hid that one from me. Im coming round to Linux ( on your advice on twitter a while back 🙂 !!! dual boot on my pc just need to sort out the wireless net bit)


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